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Not only does Somerset specialize in hardwood flooring, but we also sell hardwood lumber through Somerset Wood Products and premium wood burning pellets from the sawdust generated in our manufacturing operations through Somerset Pellet Fuel. Our products cover the wide scope of the wood industry.

Somerset Pellet Fuel

Somerset is one of North America’s Largest Manufacturers of Premium Wood Pellet Fuel. In support of our “Waste Not" philosophy and our commitment to the environment, we recognized an opportunity to turn our excess wood fiber and sawdust into a clean-burning, efficient, and economical biofuel product. We built a modern manufacturing facility that is fully automated and currently produces 50,000 bags of pellets per week. That’s more than 2,500,000 bags of pellets per year.

Now more than 50 million tons of wood fiber and sawdust generated by our manufacturing processes—instead of ending up in a landfill—is converted into premium grade pellet fuel.

Somerset brand pellets are sold across the U.S. through major pellet distributors and retailers for use in pellet stoves and fireplace inserts.

Somerset Wood Products

Somerset is one of North America’s Largest Suppliers of Kiln-Dried Appalachian Hardwoods. The quality Appalachian lumber from which we manufacture Somerset flooring, is supplied by our Somerset Wood Products division. Somerset Wood Products also supplies lumber users in other industries such as the cabinet and furniture industry. The majority of the Appalachian timber processed at Somerset Wood Products comes from nearly 120 sawmill suppliers within a 150-mile radius of our plants. Our “waste-not" philosophy and commitment to our natural resources starts here, where even the bark of the tree is used for mulch—in fact the entire tree is put to use throughout our manufacturing processes.

We equip our plants with the most advanced machinery, much of which is built by our own machinists. This ensures that stringent quality control standards are met throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

At Somerset, all lumber is graded before and after kiln-drying to NHLA Grades. We strive to consistently achieve lumber that is on-grade.

Kiln-dried lumber is processed by our flooring division or packed or bundled in units and prepared for domestic and export shipment.


Somerset is a member of the Bauwerk Group family of companies. We are committed to doing what is right for our customers and the environment.

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