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Answers to customers’ general questions about service. If you have a question that should be addressed here, let us know.

See Somerset's Floor Care section of this web site for complete floor care information, including care products and preventive maintenance tips.

Throughout our web site you’ll find a “Locate Dealer" feature at the top right hand side. Just type in your zip code, click on “LOCATE" and a list of Somerset Total Options Dealers within a 200-mile radius of your zip code will be provided (from closest to furthest away). These dealers display the full line of Somerset flooring and are knowledgeable to assist you in your purchase decision. If there are currently no dealers in your area, please call our customer service department toll-free at +1 (877) 404-9663 for information on where to buy Somerset.

Consider these facts:

A real, solid hardwood floor will last the life of the home, and can be refinished/repaired as needed. Most other types of flooring will be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Therefore, when considering the life-cycle cost of different types of flooring, hardwood actually ends up being less expensive in most cases. If bought with a new home, for example, hardwood flooring will still be in service at the end of a 30-year mortgage, while most other flooring will have been replaced approximately 5 times. With carpet, for example, you’re still paying for the carpet that was installed when the house was built, as well as any replacement flooring usually financed on credit cards.

Hardwood floors add between 2 and 10 percent to the value of a home offered for re-sale, according to a survey of the National Association of Realtors. Just look in the real estate ads; if a home has hardwood flooring, it’s noted in the listing because realtors know hardwood floors are in demand and will help sell the home.

Increased concern for their health has brought many people to hardwood flooring. The medical community is on record in favor of hard surface flooring, since carpet is the primary culprit in harboring dust and dust mites in the home or office. One doctor recently even wrote a patient with allergy problems a prescription for a hardwood floor.

Hardwood is clearly the trend in flooring design, with many innovative products now available from which to choose.

Pre-finished hardwood offers a virtually flawless finish, a harder finish than site finished flooring, faster installation time, and a much cleaner installation process compared to having a floor sanded in the home. It is available in a wide variety of species, widths, and colors. A slightly eased, or beveled edge between the boards allows the flooring to be installed over imperfect sub-flooring. Somerset pre-finished hardwood flooring can be re-finished and/or re-coated as needed for a lifetime of beauty and service. If a single piece of flooring ever requires replacement due to damage, this procedure is simple and fast for a flooring professional to accomplish with minimal blending of color between new and old flooring with most species.

Site finished hardwood offers unlimited color and gloss choices, and is sanded smooth so there is no beveled edge or small groove between the boards. However, do not be fooled into thinking a site finish “seals" the joints between the boards permanently, as the natural expansion and contraction of the floor throughout it’s life causes these joints to open and close on a seasonal basis.

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home for a hardwood floor. Somerset now offers hardwood flooring in 1/2" thick, 7-ply engineered construction that offers greater stability than solid hardwood flooring in areas that are prone to spills, moisture, etc. However, as the kitchen tends to be the highest traffic area in most homes, it is recommended that you use non-rubber backed mats in front of the sink, refrigerator, and stove (pivot points). Any spills should be wiped dry as soon as possible. Chair legs should have felt tipped glides, and the felt should be maintained to avoid damaging your floor.

As a rule, the larger and/or more active the pet, the more damage potential exists. Pet claws can scratch any hardwood floor finish, and are not covered under the terms of the Somerset Limited Warranty.

A high number of coats or finish does not equate to finish thickness or durability. Somerset applies one of the thickest finishes in the industry, and the finish consists of the most durable type of coating currently available.

You “get what you pay for" in hardwood flooring. A quality hardwood floor will offer a lifetime of beauty and service, and good return on your investment whether for your own enjoyment or re-sale value.

Somerset Flooring is produced from 100% Appalachian hardwood (except imported species), milled on state-of-the-art machinery, and pre-finished products are finished with the most durable finish currently available on hardwood flooring. Professional flooring mechanics appreciate the Somerset brand for its dependable, consistent grading and milling qualities to help them better satisfy their clients.


Somerset is a member of the Bauwerk Group family of companies. We are committed to doing what is right for our customers and the environment.

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