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Preventative Care

Hardwood flooring, unlike other types of floor coverings, can be maintained with a minimum amount of effort. To protect against damage, just follow some basic, common sense guidelines.  One of the benefits of wood flooring is that because it is a natural flooring material, it can be repaired and/or refinished. Adhering to the following preventative care guidelines will lengthen the time between (and perhaps even eliminate the need for) major renovation or restoration such as re-coating or refinishing.

IMPORTANT: Wood and Water Don’t Mix

Never allow water (or other liquids) to stand on a hardwood floor for any length of time. Also, don't ever pour water on your floor—it can cause damage to the wood's structure and to the finish.

Relative humidity is also water, and maintaining a range of 30%-50% relative humidity will contribute to the satisfactory performance of your flooring. If relative humidity is allowed to become too low or too high, various problems may result, such as small splits/cracks, cupping, gapping, etc. 30-50% RH and a temperature range of 60-80f is consistent with NWFA docs and our SHF installation guidelines.

Steam mops use water vapor under pressure, and we cannot recommend them for that reason. Water causes wood to swell, resulting in raised edges, possible finish peeling, etc. We recommend using Somerset's specially-formulated Ultimate Cleaner. We also make available a Mop Kit and replacement mop heads to make cleanup easy.


Protect Your Floor with Rugs and Mats

Place doormats at all entrances to prevent dirt and grit from being tracked on your floor. Make sure you keep doormats and rugs clean. Any rug/mat/pad must allow the floor to breathe so no moisture or condensation can develop. Use only rugs with backings and non-skid pads that are compatible with urethane finish. Some synthetic products may imprint their pattern onto the floor finish. Natural fiber pads generally will not imprint onto finish.

Use the Right Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Make sure you follow all product labels and use only Somerset Ultimate Cleaner. Do not allow water to stand on your floor. Sweep, dust mop or vacuum your floor regularly, but do not use household dusting products, because they can cause your floor to become slick and may damage the finish. The use of Somerset’s specially formulated Ultimate™ Cleaner will ensure that your floor is properly maintained.

Watch Your Shoes

Make sure the heels of your shoes are in good repair—especially high heels. Heels that are missing their caps or are worn through exposing metal or other abrasive surfaces can cause scratches and dents on any floor’s surface. And, of course, never walk across your floor in shoes that have cleats or spikes.

Move Area Rugs Regularly

When exposed to ultraviolet (sun) light, wood’s natural oxidizing properties can cause the color of your floor and finish to change, taking on an age-worn patina. To keep a consistent color across your floor, rotate area rugs on a regular basis and use window coverings to protect against sun exposure.

Use Furniture Protectors

To avoid scratching and damaging the floor’s surface, place felt furniture pads or other protective pads such as gray rubber non-marking casters on chair and table legs and any other furniture surface that could possibly cause finish indentations. Be sure to keep the pads clean and free of grit and dirt. Do not use ball-type casters or casters made of hard materials such as plastic or metal — these can damage your floor. 

Do not slide or roll heavy furniture or appliances across wood flooring.  Special tools are available for this purpose, but be aware; the concentrated weight of such objects may indent hardwood flooring and finishes.

If you have furniture fitted with plastic, vinyl, or metal leg tips, it is not sufficient to to stick a piece of felt under such tips—in fact, it can put your floor at risk. Often times, the felt pads will come off and leave the original tip free to damage the floor. Instead, for plastic and vinyl tips, purchase replacement tips with fused felt that will ensure a permanent bond between the tip and the felt pad. As for metal tips, we recommend that you purchase tips on which felt pads have been applied at the manufacturing plant.

Protect from Spills in the Kitchen

Place rugs or mats in areas that are prone to spills, such as in front of the sink, refrigerator and stove. Cotton mats are recommended because they are easily cleaned. Mats with rubber backings can trap moisture on the floor and cause damage.


Do not apply tape to the flooring finish.  Popular painters tapes typically state (printed inside spool) not for use on wood floors.  Tape “pull” is specifically excluded in the Somerset limited warranty document.


Keep all pet claws trimmed.  Even small pet claws can indent hardwood floor finishes.


Somerset is a privately owned, vertically integrated forest products company. We are committed to doing what is right for our customers and the environment.

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