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If you are considering hardwood flooring & lean toward the lighter tones, the white oak flooring we offer is a favorite.Solid white oak flooring is an increasingly popular choice in hardwood flooring on the market today. Solid white oak flooring is a smart choice for both quality and design reasons. People select solid white oak flooring for its smooth grain, a great look to appreciate over the years. With less graining than red oak, solid white oak flooring takes on a more modern, less traditional look. White oak has growth rings that are closer together, giving solid white oak flooring a more uniform flow. Given that white oak tends to have more mineral streaks, this also contributes to a more linear pattern and up-to-date look for solid white oak flooring.

At Somerset Hardwood Flooring, headquartered in the heart of the Appalachian timberlands in Somerset, Kentucky, we are a family-owned, vertically integrated company, controlling our exclusively USA-sourced and manufactured products from the forest through the manufacturing process all the way to the floors of your home. We are a company that owns and manages our forests and have actually created a 100-year plan to protect and sustain the Appalachian forests, making the selection of hardwood flooring from Somerset Hardwood Flooring an eco-friendly decision. We constantly invest in state-of-the-art equipment, continuously improving our products. Also contributing to our on-going excellence, we have built an amazing team of employees dedicated to delivering high-quality flooring that will look stunning in your home and enhance its value.

When you contact a Somerset Hardwood Flooring retailer, you will be amazed at the incredible selections offered by our company. We have nine distinct collections of hardwood flooring, using the predominant woods of oak, hickory and maple.  Within oak flooring, we offer both red oak and white oak flooring. You will find white oak flooring available in many of our collections, with some white oak exclusively in solid white oak flooring, others in solid and/or SolidPlus® engineered construction.

If you select solid white oak flooring, the flooring is, as described, solid planking. Solid white oak flooring from Somerset Hardwood Flooring has a thickness of ¾” and is packed in random lengths. White oak is a strong wood that has an excellent hardness for hardwood flooring, making this a great wood for busy households with lots of traffic. Solid white oak flooring is known for its water resistance. Depending upon which stain you are leaning toward, you have more shade options with white oak flooring. Gray, white and dark stain colors take beautifully to SolidPlus® or solid white oak flooring.

Through the years, most people have great memories of solid hardwood flooring in homes they have loved. Somerset Hardwood Flooring developed SolidPlus® in more recent years, with a look identical to solid white oak hardwood flooring. Many of our customers have turned to SolidPlus® as an excellent alternative to solid white oak flooring for what we like to describe as SolidPlus® advantages:

  • Once installed, its look is identical to Somerset solid flooring, with a solid dry sawn wear layer (surface).
  • SolidPlus® can be professionally refinished, just like solid.
  • Your warranty protection with SolidPlus® is identical to solid.
  • SolidPlus® has greater dimensional stability, a great plus for wider planks especially.
  • SolidPlus® can be installed on, above or below grade (basements).
  • SolidPlus® is eco-sensible as the same block of wood that yields one piece of traditional ¾” solid flooring produces 4 to 5 wear (surface) layers.

Contact a Somerset Hardwood Flooring retailer today and find out for yourself why we are your best source for hardwood flooring, including both SolidPlus® and solid white oak flooring.


Somerset is a member of the Bauwerk Group family of companies. We are committed to doing what is right for our customers and the environment.

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